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You encounter difficulties in your personal or professional life, you feel misunderstood, isolated and lack support from your family and friends, I offer a sympathetic listening to help you overcome this difficult time and find the way to appeasement.
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Seeking the help of a professional to understand the origin and nature of the personal difficulties, recent or not, that you are going through is a decisive first step towards the appeasement of suffering.

You want to reorient your life, you wonder about your relationship to others, the emotions you feel, your behaviour and those of others towards you.

You have trouble ending a situation or unhealthy relationships, stabilising yourself, expressing your thoughts and feelings. You constantly doubt your abilities, you have a hard time making decisions and you would like that to change.

Your psychic life (mind, intelligence, affectivity, emotivity, motivation) is your own, it is rich and complex, only a professional support will help you to know yourself better, and thus understand what is affecting your life orientations, your feelings and your behaviours.

I am at your disposal to enlighten you on your psychological functioning, and help you to find a better balance of life.