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Hello my name is Michael I provide a non-judgmental, empathic support space where individuals can feel safe and heard. Counselling can help to process deep, difficult or painful thoughts anxieties and feelings, I believe that my approach can also focus on the potential of my clients.


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Hello my name is Michael, I am an Integrative Therapist who uses the best approaches to suit the issues that clients may bring into the therapy room.  I provide a non-judgmental, empathic, supportive space where clients can open up and feel safe and be heard.  Whilst counselling can help clients to process deep, difficult or painful thoughts and feelings, I believe that therapy can also focus on the potential of my clients.  I work in an integrative way with them to identify and draw on their inner resources to live a fuller, more satisfying life.

I use the best technique for each person, this could be CBT to help clients identify patterns in their thoughts, feelings and behaviours with a view to enabling them to better and more positively manage moving forward in challenging situations.  Another method I use is the psychodynamic approach which helps individuals to link their past experiences to their current actions and ways of relating to people and situations.   This equips them with the tools to understand how to alter or adapt their feelings and interpersonal relationships for more positive life experiences.  At times, I may use a person-centred model which continuously displays unconditional positive regard for individual situations and experiences, through the display of warmth and empathy this can give individuals the confidence to open up and look deeper into themselves without the concern of shame or judgement.  This can also assist individuals to develop and maintain relationships in a healthier way and to help them balance and maintain a positive mental health equilibrium.  I also place importance on mindfulness to help tame anxious responses.

My experience includes working within addiction and substance misuse which means I have worked with a vast client group made up of a diverse set of individuals from varying cultures and backgrounds, all of whom found themselves using substance for differing reasons.  I have also worked for many years in education helping young people to manage their emotional and behavioural difficulties.  I understand the pressures people impose upon themselves which can lead to unhelpful or damaging coping strategies.  I work to identify healthier ways of managing and have experience in a wide range of issues including conflict resolution.