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CLAIRE - Code : 0074
Start 20 Jan. 2022 from 11:00
I am a qualified and practicing Psychotherapist. I would like to offer you a non judgemental space. I will listen to whatever you need to talk about. Whether it’s current or historical. We can explore it together, at your pace.
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RUTH R - Code : 0136
Start 20 Jan. 2022 from 11:00
Hello, my name is Ruth. I have been working with adults and children for over 15 years. I have always loved supporting people through their journey of self-healing. People have different reasons for participating in therapy sessions, it may be to reconnect with themselves or to overcome hidden pain and fears caused by events.
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BOBBY - Code : 0118
Start 20 Jan. 2022 from 12:00
I qualified as an integrative counsellor; I like to work in creative ways. Whether you suffer from insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety or depression, we can work together to get you to a better place. To make sure I meet all of your needs, I can combine counselling with cognitive behavioural therapy.
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FRANCESCA - Code : 0125
Start 20 Jan. 2022 from 13:30
I am a qualified person centred counsellor and registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I hold professional insurance and work in line with BACP ethical framework, undertake regular supervision and Continued Professional Development and maintain confidentiality with accordance to GDPR and Data Protection.
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TINA - Code : 0114
Start 20 Jan. 2022 from 14:00
Hi, I'm Tina, I will offer you a safe space for you to take the time to think and reflect as well as offload. When you are ready, I will support you to move forward and make a change in your life to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.
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SEAN - Code : 0042
Start 20 Jan. 2022 from 15:00
I work in a non-judgmental way, in a safe, confidential and caring environment, supporting you to work through painful, challenging feelings and experiences. We can explore your own self-care, and how you can make changes to your life, so you can have your needs met. I encourage you to be as honest and open about your feelings and experiences.
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JULIE C - Code : 0079
Start 20 Jan. 2022 from 18:00
I offer a down to earth approach that offers you a bridge of support. We all need to be listened to in a non-judgemental way to enable our growth and regain self-identification of who we really are, especially from the outside environment of influences of the ‘should’ and ‘musts’ that can cause ruptures of a suppressed self.
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SHARON B - Code : 0085
Start 20 Jan. 2022 from 20:30
If you are unsure of your role in life through the changes that have happened, I can help you to find what is important to you and what you want to achieve. By being aware of how you interact with others and how they interact with you can lead you to see the changes required for you to be happy. It is never too late to be the person you want to be
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ZENA - Code : 0122
Start 21 Jan. 2022 from 08:00
I work in private practice and offer a confidential non-judgemental service and an opportunity to explore and reflect on the things that are affecting you negatively in your life. I work with clients and together we work through emotional blocks, transform unhealthy patterns, address unhelpful thinking patterns, overcome barriers.
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TERESA - Code : 0123
Start 21 Jan. 2022 from 12:00
Hello my name is Teresa and I am a qualified integrative Counsellor and a registered member of the BACP. I believe that Counselling should be there for everyone and I will be here for your voice to be heard in a non-judgemental empathic and safe environment.
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