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SHEILA - Code : 0116
Start 02 Jul. 2022 from 23:00
I work creatively with multiple mediums to allow clients to explore under the umbrella of a secure relationship their thoughts and feelings. I consider that I have the skills and mindset to facilitate personal growth, empowerment of my clients enabling them to process experiences and feelings which are creating obstacles within their personal life.
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YOLANDE - Code : 0052
Start 03 Jul. 2022 from 08:30
Hello, how are you and what brings you to Counselling today? Please let me know how I can support you? By looking into counselling you are taking an important step, which is a very brave and courageous thing to do. I am here to support you and I look forward to working with you and helping you to find the best way forward.
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RUTH R - Code : 0136
Start 04 Jul. 2022 from 10:30
Hello, my name is Ruth. I have been working with adults and children for over 15 years. I have always loved supporting people through their journey of self-healing. People have different reasons for participating in therapy sessions, it may be to reconnect with themselves or to overcome hidden pain and fears caused by events.
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TRACEY H - Code : 0102
Start 04 Jul. 2022 from 11:30
Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the first step to getting some help and support with the challenges that you are facing at the moment. Life can be hard sometimes and seeking the support we need when we need it takes courage and strength. Give me a call so I can support you with whatever you are dealing with.
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DEBRA - Code : 0026
Start 04 Jul. 2022 from 13:00
Does life sometimes feel like a struggle? I can support you if you would like to explore your thoughts and feelings, to be treated with warmth and empathy and be really listened to without judgement or to be supported in helping you resolve your problems
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STEFAN - Code : 0130
Start 04 Jul. 2022 from 22:00
Hello, what would you like to talk about today? Are you struggling to stay calm? Finding it hard to deal with a significant event? Or do you feel overwhelmed or stuck? You want to change something but are not sure what or how you’ll go about it. We could look at the issues together and I will help you find your way through.
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BASIA - Code : 0137
Start 05 Jul. 2022 from 09:00
Hello, I'm Basia Louise. I'm an experienced Counsellor/Psychotherapist and a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I believe one of the most important aspects in counselling, is first, in choosing the person you'll do your best work with and then in the building of that therapeutic relationship of trust.
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CLAIRE A - Code : 0087
Start 06 Jul. 2022 from 07:00
Hello, I’m Claire. I'm a qualified and experienced counsellor and am a registered member of the BACP. I provide a safe, non-judgemental and respectful space in which I listen openly to anything you need to talk about. We can explore current or historical issues, at a pace that suits you, and work towards achieving an improved quality of life
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LILIA - Code : 0127
Start 07 Jul. 2022 from 08:30
How are you feeling today? Whether it's a difficult decision or a stressful situation that is keeping your mind overthinking, being fully heard would give you that needed relief. With your best interest in mind, I'm here to listen to you without judgement and offer my support and any useful resources you can rely on.
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JONATHAN - Code : 0027
In your professional and personal life, you may be facing stress-related issues, anxiety, loneliness or general unhappiness. I can offer you a safe space for exchange and reflection to address your difficulties and overcome them. Specialties: Couple, Work, grief.
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