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TRACY - Code : 0066
Start 26 May 2019 from 20:30
Working as a Person-centred Counsellor I always focus on what my clients to talk about in their sessions. This way the client always feels at they are always in control of their sessions. Never feeling the pressure to talk about issues until they are ready to do so.
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DANIELLE - Code : 0010
Start 27 May 2019 from 19:00
Sometimes in life we encounter challenges, obstacles and unexpected situations which completely throw us off balance. It can be difficult to process the situation and fully understand what is happening to you which can make for a lonely road to travel. You do not have to walk this path alone; it would be a privilege to accompany you(...)
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IVANA - Code : 0065
Start 29 May 2019 from 11:00
For our own protection, we often bury or deny what it is we are feeling, these suppressed emotions then form the blocks or filters through which we live our lives and limit our true potential. Counselling helps my clients to heal emotional pain, bringing a sense of liberation and personal growth giving them a greater understanding of who they are.
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MERYL - Code : 0029
Start 01 Jun 2019 from 07:00
You are going through moments of doubts, more or less painful challenges (despair, conflict, stress, isolation, change, lay-off, eating disorder, grief, ...). These sufferings can have consequences at work, in your private life and on your well-being (irritability, fatigue, feelings of being misunderstood).
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JONATHAN - Code : 0027
In your professional and personal life, you may be facing stress-related issues, anxiety, loneliness or general unhappiness. I can offer you a safe space for exchange and reflection to address your difficulties and overcome them. Specialties: Couple, Work, grief.
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KYD - Code : 0031
Suffering is a burden, far too often it is undergone in silence. This can be detrimental to your daily life. These issues can also impact your work. You may not know who to talk to or even how to start. This is why I am here. Specialties: Couple, Adolescence, Education, Maternity, Work, Sexuality, Addictions, Nutrition, Grief.
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SUE - Code : 0011
Everyone experiences periods of difficulty in their lives, resulting in anxiety, stress, depression and other issues. When you are feeling unsure of what to do, talking about your situation and sharing your hopes and fears can be helpful in finding a way forward. I am available at the end of the phone to listen to you, and together(...)
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JEFF - Code : 0015
Do you feel that sometimes life is just too hard, complicated? You know the answers but just unsure about which direction to take. Confused, frightened, need some support? Feeling Stuck- Lost- without Hope or just someone to listen without judgement. Does life seem like you’re on a Merry Go Round?
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HEATHER - Code : 0023
I listen to my clients without judgement and support each individual to make the right decisions for themselves. I have supported clients who have experienced trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence (both male and female), anxiety, panic disorders, relationship difficulties, post-natal depression, bullying as well as many other areas of life.
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DEBRA - Code : 0026
Does life sometimes feel like a struggle? I can support you if you would like to explore your thoughts and feelings, to be treated with warmth and empathy and be really listened to without judgement or to be supported in helping you resolve your problems
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