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JONATHAN - Code : 0027
In your professional and personal life, you may be facing stress-related issues, anxiety, loneliness or general unhappiness. I can offer you a safe space for exchange and reflection to address your difficulties and overcome them. Specialties: Couple, Work, grief.
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DAVID - Code : 0022
I offer a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment in which to help you explore any issues you may be struggling with, in an effort to help you live your life more fully, and ultimately experience a better quality of life.
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SEAN - Code : 0042
I work in a non-judgmental way, in a safe, confidential and caring environment, supporting you to work through painful, challenging feelings and experiences. We can explore your own self-care, and how you can make changes to your life, so you can have your needs met. I encourage you to be as honest and open about your feelings and experiences.
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IVANA - Code : 0065
For our own protection, we often bury or deny what it is we are feeling, these suppressed emotions then form the blocks or filters through which we live our lives and limit our true potential. Counselling helps my clients to heal emotional pain, bringing a sense of liberation and personal growth giving them a greater understanding of who they are.
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MICHAEL - Code : 0072
Hello my name is Michael I provide a non-judgmental, empathic support space where individuals can feel safe and heard. Counselling can help to process deep, difficult or painful thoughts anxieties and feelings, I believe that my approach can also focus on the potential of my clients.
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CLAIRE - Code : 0074
I am a qualified and practicing Psychotherapist. I would like to offer you a non judgemental space. I will listen to whatever you need to talk about. Whether it’s current or historical. We can explore it together, at your pace.
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SARAH K - Code : 0082
I offer a safe, confidential environment where you are able to constructively explore any issues that are causing you difficulties. I believe that by building a strong therapeutic relationship and working collaboratively there is potential to increase self-awareness, understanding and confidence which can lead to clarity, insight and change.
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CLAIRE A - Code : 0087
Hello, I’m Claire. I'm a qualified and experienced counsellor and am a registered member of the BACP. I provide a safe, non-judgemental and respectful space in which I listen openly to anything you need to talk about. We can explore current or historical issues, at a pace that suits you, and work towards achieving an improved quality of life
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ROKSANA - Code : 0090
BACP Accredited & UKCP Accredited. I can also provide counselling in Polish.
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CHARLOTTE - Code : 0094
I work from a person-centred perspective. This means that my work is based on the pillars of respect, empathy, and genuineness. I use Cognitive Behavioural techniques and Solution focused techniques in my practice depending on what is most useful for the client. These techniques look at thought processing and working towards goals.
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