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PATRICIA - Code : 0036
From childhood through to late adulthood, there are certain times when we may need help addressing problems and issues that cause us emotional distress or make us feel overwhelmed. When you are experiencing these types of difficulties, you may benefit from the assistance of an experienced, trained professional.
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GARRY - Code : 0038
If you need someone to listen or to work through personal or professional issues, I can help. You will not be judged.
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SHARIE - Code : 0039
Do you need to talk? Is it all getting too much? Do you need help figuring stuff out? I offer therapeutic support in a safe, warm, non judgmental and confidential environment to help you explore your difficulties.
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SEAN - Code : 0042
I work in a non-judgmental way, in a safe, confidential and caring environment, supporting you to work through painful, challenging feelings and experiences. We can explore your own self-care, and how you can make changes to your life, so you can have your needs met. I encourage you to be as honest and open about your feelings and experiences.
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ANNA MARIA - Code : 0044
I listen to you and give you the space to express, explore and release your concerns and difficulties. What I offer to you is to develop the understanding and ability to face what you find painful and unfair. I also practice and teach mindfulness and if suitable and if you wish, this can become part of the therapeutic process.
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BRETT - Code : 0054
I'm a qualified Integrative Psychotherapist and am registered member with the BACP. I am a strong believer that whatever difficulties or challenges an individual and/or couple are experiencing; therapeutic support and intervention are effective to understanding and notion of change.
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EMMA E - Code : 0061
Hi I’m Emma, I’m passionate about helping you to reclaim your inner peace, I’m interested in exploring any issue you bring, I specialise in you, just as you are. Perfectly imperfect if you are anything like me.
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NOEMI - Code : 0064
Have you ever felt stuck, or that your life is not going the way you have hoped it would? Keep falling into repeating the same mistakes or feel that you simply cannot move on with your life? Whatever is troubling you, I am here to help you make more sense of your difficulties.
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IVANA - Code : 0065
For our own protection, we often bury or deny what it is we are feeling, these suppressed emotions then form the blocks or filters through which we live our lives and limit our true potential. Counselling helps my clients to heal emotional pain, bringing a sense of liberation and personal growth giving them a greater understanding of who they are.
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TRACY - Code : 0066
Working as a Person-centred Counsellor I always focus on what my clients to talk about in their sessions. This way the client always feels at they are always in control of their sessions. Never feeling the pressure to talk about issues until they are ready to do so.
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