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IVANA - Code : 0065
For our own protection, we often bury or deny what it is we are feeling, these suppressed emotions then form the blocks or filters through which we live our lives and limit our true potential. Counselling helps my clients to heal emotional pain, bringing a sense of liberation and personal growth giving them a greater understanding of who they are.
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TRACY - Code : 0066
Working as a Person-centred Counsellor I always focus on what my clients to talk about in their sessions. This way the client always feels at they are always in control of their sessions. Never feeling the pressure to talk about issues until they are ready to do so.
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ANTHONY - Code : 0067
Do you feel like life is getting on top of you? If you are looking for support, perhaps I can help.
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OLIVER - Code : 0068
My number one aim, passion and priority is to make a positive difference to your life. For me, counselling is a process that supports, empowers and facilitates well-being. A space that you can trust with no judgement or criticism for you to feel free to express and explore what’s important to you.
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NANCY - Code : 0069
I can help you build upon your strengths, gain greater awareness and understanding, develop helpful perspectives, learn practical strategies and techniques which can help you get through life's challenges. I will listen to you, show you empathy and not judge you. We will work together to experience life in a positive way.
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CLAIRE - Code : 0074
I am a qualified and practicing Psychotherapist. I would like to offer you a non judgemental space. I will listen to whatever you need to talk about. Whether it’s current or historical. We can explore it together, at your pace.
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LARA - Code : 0077
Hi, I’m Lara. I am looking forward to getting to know you. It’s a very difficult time right now, and I’d like to support you through it. I don’t judge, but I am here to help. Talking about how you feel can make a huge difference
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JANET H - Code : 0081
I am a BACP registered counsellor. I worked as a manager for a mental Health service from 1999-2007 at this time I qualified to work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I qualified in 2003 received Diploma in social care in 2003 and in 2007 received my Diploma as a qualified counsellor in Psychodynamic and person
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ELISSA - Code : 0088
I‘m Elissa and I’m here to help. Everyone is unique, so I tailor the way I work to suit each client. I will listen to you and your needs and we can then work together to find the best way to help you meet your goals and create the life you want.
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KALA - Code : 0092
I am a senior practitioner with 24 years of experience. I can also consult in Gujerati.
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