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BARRY - Code : 0046
I’m a highly experienced Counselling Psychotherapist supporting a range of emotional and psychological issues. My experience includes Clinical Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Panic Attacks, Anger Management, Bereavement, Self-harm, Low Self-Esteem, OCD, Suicidal thoughts and Personality Disorder.
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JEFF - Code : 0015
Do you feel that sometimes life is just too hard, complicated? You know the answers but just unsure about which direction to take. Confused, frightened, need some support? Feeling Stuck- Lost- without Hope or just someone to listen without judgement. Does life seem like you’re on a Merry Go Round?
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HELEN - Code : 0007
When you are experiencing difficult times it can help to talk this through with someone who is supportive and understanding. I can offer you a safe space to be listened to and valued. Together we can explore and reflect on your situation, enabling you to feel better and move forward with your life. Specialties: stress, parenting support,(...)
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HEATHER - Code : 0023
Start 25 Sep. 2017 from 22:00
I listen to my clients without judgement and support each individual to make the right decisions for themselves. I have supported clients who have experienced trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence (both male and female), anxiety, panic disorders, relationship difficulties, post-natal depression, bullying as well as many other areas of life.
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MARIA - Code : 0016
Start 25 Sep. 2017 from 22:30
Are you feeling depressed? Anxious? Frustrated? Have you got problems at home or work? Maybe you need help with self-esteem or confidence building, managing anger, overcoming trauma or loss, sexuality, discrimination or any other issues.
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SHARON - Code : 0020
Start 26 Sep. 2017 from 06:00
I am a qualified Humanistic Integrative Counsellor. This means that I work with clients who are experiencing a range of issues, using a Humanistic Integrative approach. If you are hurting, worried, anxious, fearful, feeling overburdened with life’s problems, lonely or distressed, or just searching for answers, then I believe I can help you.
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YOLANDE - Code : 0052
Start 26 Sep. 2017 from 10:00
By looking into counselling you are taking an important step, which is a very brave and courageous thing to do. I am here to support you and I look forward to working with you and helping you to find the best way forward. I am a Counselling Psychotherapist with over 17 years experience and I deal with a wide and varied range of counselling issues.
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DEBRA - Code : 0026
Start 26 Sep. 2017 from 10:30
Does life sometimes feel like a struggle? I can support you if you would like to explore your thoughts and feelings, to be treated with warmth and empathy and be really listened to without judgement or to be supported in helping you resolve your problems
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DENISE - Code : 0043
Start 26 Sep. 2017 from 12:00
As a person-centered therapist I offer support to your disclosures with a non-judgemental, professional and sensitive response in finding a way forward in your circumstances. Talking situations through is beneficial as life will always challenge us at times resulting in the need to understand yourself with a view to a meaningful change or decision.
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KOULA - Code : 0025
Start 26 Sep. 2017 from 13:00
I am a fully qualified, registered and highly experienced Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist providing treatment for a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties. Patients describe the psychotherapy experience with me as awakening, life changing and pivotal to moving forward to a better quality of life.
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