How it Works for the Employer

The employers can also benefit from our Employee Assistance Programme and staff counselling services as they can access instantly valuable information as well as receive monthly feedback reports that can significantly help to understand the current climate in the workplace.

A secured space

You, as the employer (or HR representatives), will have access to a secured space where you can monitor in real-time the number of calls, their duration, date and time, as well as the general motive for the call (personal issue, conflict with a colleague, harassment). The caller will always remain anonymous.

Data assessment reports

We can send you periodically data assessment reports that provide quantitative and qualitative evaluations of the calls for the period while always respecting the anonymity of your employees.

A Lead Counsellor for your company

The Lead counsellor collects information from all our counsellors about the work environment in your business and generates insights into possible risk factors at work. When needed, your dedicated counsellor can visit your business to present the results and liaise with HR representatives, the medical support team, and any other key stakeholders to discuss areas of improvement in the workplace.

A dedicated account manager

Your account manager is the pivot between you, your employees using the service and the Lead Counsellor. He/she will make sure you are using the service to its full potential. Your account manager will be a phone call away! And you can get in touch with him/her via our internal messaging system.