Seven questions that you should be asking to your EAP provider

Seven questions that you should be asking to your EAP provider

What type of training or degree do the people taking my employees call have? 

PRO-COUNSELLING staff taking calls from employees are a combination of occupational psychologists registered with the HCPC, BACS accredited counsellors, and BPS accredited psychologist.

Are counsellors available 24/7?

PRO-COUNSELLING gives access to counsellors 24/7 via a toll free number. In addition, employees can see which counsellors are available at the time that they call, as well as their area of specialty and future availability. This can help employees to approach the most relevant people for the situation that they may be experiencing at work.

What type of assistance is available if we have a critical incident?

We offer on-site interventions in response to critical incidents. When a traumatic event occurs in a workplace, we can deploy on site within 48 hours, one or more qualified counsellors to receive individually or in groups the employees affected by the event. Counsellors that are deployed during on-site interventions are also available on our platform for follow-up in case this is needed.

Is manager training included in the package or should we need to pay for it?

Depending on the package that your company chooses, we can offer Stress Awareness Training to managers in your organisation. We strongly encourage Line managers, managing directors, team leaders and anyone in your company responsible for the performance of other employees to take one of these trainings, as it can help identify, understand and manage work-related stress from its early signs.

Does the EAP have other clients in my industry?

We are part of a larger EAP group (PROS-CONSULTE) with experience in a wide range of industries including FMCG, technology, engineering, and government institutions.

Does the EAP provide reporting on a regular basis?

We provide monthly reports on general statistics to give an overview of the state of your organisation. These reports ensure the confidentiality of employees, yet can help monitored the overall state of your organisation.

How can the provider help us in communicating benefits to employees?

We believe that to provide meaningful support to an organisation, employees need to be aware of the benefits of an Employee Assistance Programme. Therefore we provide communication materials and cards for each employee in order to make sure that they know about this service.


Picture by Derek Bridges under Creative Commons license.