You and your home life

You and your home life

When you’re busy at work – and perhaps working in a pressurised role – it’s easy to get swamped with various issues at home.  Whether it’s trying to get the kids to school on time, making time for family and friends or simply trying to keep on top of the housework it all adds up.

Whilst many companies now offer flexitime, if you’re needed in work between certain hours it’s simply a question of making it work.  Often this can be achieved by sourcing extra resources such as child minders, dog walkers or domestic cleaners.  If you can justify doing this from a financial point of view then do it.  There’s simply no point being stressed when you don’t need to be.  If you can’t afford a professional service then why not ask around family and friends for help?  Chances are they’ll do it for a lot less and even combine tasks e.g. keeping the dog company whilst they take the kids to school and then do a bit of housework for you.  In fact, a lot of Grandparents would probably relish the opportunity to spend a bit of time with their grandchildren alone so don’t be afraid to ask.  You might surprise yourself.   

Of course, it’s not always children and pets that add to the daily hustle and bustle of life.  Moving house is renowned as being one of the most stressful life events we tend to go through.  Whether it’s through personal choice or due to work, there’s certainly a lot to think about – and then some!  Again, if you can source additional help, then don’t hesitate to do it.  Some removal companies will even pack your contents before moving them and many employers now offer financial assistance to help with this.  If not, simplify the process yourself by setting up a mail redirection service with the Post Office, ask friends and family to help with the move and mark up boxes with ‘essential’ and ‘non-essential’ items so that the latter can be unpacked whenever you’re ready – and not a minute before!

Unfortunately all these type of events can add strain on our family relationships so it’s important to take time out and relax as much as you can.  This doesn’t have to be complicated.  It simply means committing some of your time to spending time with family, your partner or friends.  If you’re busy at work then why not arrange to meet for an evening meal somewhere – or catch up with a friend over your lunch hour.  It’s all too easy to overlook relationships, particularly when things are busy at work, but they’re fundamental to our happiness and the benefits of a good social life should never be underestimated.  For couples, why not think about a set ‘date night’.  For example, on a Tuesday you each commit to going out somewhere and spending time away from all your daily distractions.  The same goes for children, of course, particularly infants and younger children.  It’s all too easy to miss watching them grow up so make sure that you don’t! 

Many companies now offer counselling services to their employees via an Employee Assistance Programme as part of their benefits and wellbeing programmes. If your employer has covered you with Pro-Counselling, then you could have access to qualified counsellors that can help you get that balance right. You can reach them over the telephone 24/7 using the Freephone number provided by us.