Pros-Consulte: Caring for the caregivers

Pros-Consulte: Caring for the caregivers

 Jean-Pierre Camard, Founder of Pros-Consulte (right), and Dr. Eric Henry, Head of SPS (Care for Health Professionals) (left).
This is a translation of an article published the 2nd of December 2016 in the National French newspaper Le Télégramme.

For the past few days, the 1.9 million of health professionals in France, both employed and self-employed, have access to a telephone counselling platform. And it is a company from the city of Larmor-Plage that has been chosen: Pros-Consulte, which already manages the wellbeing of more than one million employees. "Burnout", "financial hardship", "addictions", "trauma". At Pros-Consulte, call reports from the health sector have multiplied since the 28th of November. From doctors, surgeons, dentists, midwives, nurses, nursing aides ... With an equal proportion of self-employed and employees.

Caregivers do not know who to speak to

A first victory for Dr. Éric Henry, a General Practitioner in Auray and president of the association SPS (Care for Health Professionals), which has been fighting for years for this kind of service, and which has federated many medical organisations and unions. "Caregivers feel the burden of being supermen. We have been educated in such a way that we should never get sick, despite a toxic environment. Yet we give so much that it wears us out". According to a survey carried out by his association, nearly half of the caregivers had already suffered in their careers (half for burnout, 14% for addictive behaviour). And almost half would not know who to turn to or what to do. Hence his idea of a comprehensive telephone counselling platform, with qualified counsellors maintaining professional secrecy and offering their support, help and guidance. If Pros-Consulte won the market against a Parisian competitor, it is because it has a head start for being the first in 2009 to offer professional counsellors over the phone on hand 24 hours a day. These are the Darcos laws, notably instituting the obligation for companies with more than 1,000 employees to take measures to prevent psychosocial risks within the workplace, which allowed it to develop.

Already 450 companies or communities

Over one million employees throughout France already benefit from its services, coming from 450 companies or communities. Like L'Agfap and its 230,000 employees, National Health Insurance, Family Allowances, Caisse des Dépôts (equivalent to HRMC in the UK), the service of the Ministry of Defense, INSEE, CCI ... Or private sectors companies such as Andros, Euromaster, Canon, Philips, BritAir ... The calls are the subject of a non-nominative report to human resources.

Crisis management

"We receive nearly 1,000 calls a month," says its creator, Jean-Pierre Camard. And we should move to 4,000 from health professionals, for a turnover that will probably be doubled. We'll have to push the walls. Three new employees are already scheduled for March". The firm has added a string to its bow in 2015, crisis management. Psychologists are sent to the field, as was the case for the Paris bombings or the Nice massacre.


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 Pro-Counselling is a recently launched branch of PROS-CONSULTE in the UK.