On-Site Intervention


Crisis intervention and Critical Incident Response

When a traumatic event occurs in a workplace, we can deploy on-site within 24 hours, one or more qualified counsellors to receive individually or in groups the employees affected by the event. This is an essential part of a crisis intervention, as it will enable to identify the most upset and traumatised workers, to keep the cohesion in the workplace, and to limit the impact of delayed response to trauma.

Debriefing sessions will be of two different types:

Support groups where everyone can express himself and be heard by his colleagues.

Individual interviews where the employee can address the critical incident about his personal experience and will be guided and advised on the way to process this particular event.

General On-Site Interventions

Support Groups

Support groups are recommended when a malfunction, interpersonal conflicts or tensions occur in a workplace.

A counsellor will come on site to receive a group of 10 persons (max). The counsellor’s mission will be to moderate the communication between people, to ensure that issues are laid out and addressed, and to restore the trust within the team.

All participants are encouraged to speak freely when their turn comes. Together, the group will develop a roadmap that will frame a new approach in response to a particular issue. The counsellor will send a copy of the agreed roadmap to each participant. The participants can then follow up with the same counsellor over the phone via the online portal www.pro-counselling.co.uk.

Mediation and Conflict Management

When an interpersonal conflict affects the operation of a service, a counsellor specialised in mediation comes on site and meet the two employees, in a place that ensures the confidentiality of the conversations. Employees can express their feeling, disagreements, and subjects left unsaid.

The mediation aims to restore a climate of serenity and to avoid major crisis and distress of employees. It also enables to tackle the conflict before taking the risk it is brought to justice.

Face to Face Interviews

Face to face interviews consists of one or more one-on-one counselling sessions between a counsellor and the employees. Face to face interviews with a counsellor can be a response to an urgent problem or crisis occurring in the workplace.

The interviews take place within the company’s premises and last 45 minutes minimum. The number of interviews will be agreed between the counsellor and the manager of the service, depending on the assessment of the situation and the distress of the employees.

Our counsellors are all qualified psychologists and are practising under the code of ethics of their profession. Therefore, they are guarantors of the professional aspect of these interviews and their confidentiality.


Each counsellor deployed on-site is also available on the online portal www.pro-counselling.co.uk. This way, the employees can follow up on any activities undertaken on-site over the phone with the same counsellors.